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Title: The Ballot Measure Archive Project, 1959-2007Add to your cart.
Series Number: SC/2011.6
Volume: 200.0 Linear Feet
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Detailed Description
Series 1: 1960-15 (Regulated Billboard Use), 1959-1960, 1996
Series 2: 1962-8 (Legislative Reapportionment), 1961-1963, 2007
Series 3: 1962-10 (School District Reorganization), 1957-1960
Series 4: 1964-1 (Repeals Death Penalty)
Series 5: 1964-3 (Amends Workmen’s Compensation Law), 1964, 2007
Series 6: 1964-4 (Columbia River, Commercial Fishing Prohibition), 1963-1964
Series 7: 1968-6 (Bond to Acquire Ocean Beaches)
Series 8: 1968-7 (Changes Property Tax Limitations), 1968
Series 9: 1970-9 (Scenic Waterways Bill), 1969-1991
Series 10: 1970-10 (New Property Tax Base for Schools)
Series 11: 1970-11 (Restricts Government Powers Over Rural Property Holders), 1965-2007
Series 12: 1972-7 (Repeals Governor’s Retirement Act)
Series 13: 1972-8 (Changes Succession of Governorship)
Series 14: 1972-9 (Prohibits Property Taxes to be used for School Operations)
Series 15: 1974-15 (Commercial Steelhead Fishing Prohibition), 1974, 2006
Series 16: 1976-9 (Regulates Nuclear Plant Approval)
Series 17: 1976-10 (Repeals Land Use Coordinating Statutes)
Series 18: 1976-11 (Prohibits Adding Fluoride to Drinking Water)
Series 19: 1978-6 (Requires Limitations on Ad Valorem Property Taxes)
Series 20: 1978-7 (Prohibits State Funding of Abortion Procedures)
Series 21: 1978-8 (Reinstates Death Penalty)
Series 22: 1978-9 (Regulates Public Utility Rates)
Series 23: 1978-10 (Modifies Land Use Planning and Zoning Regulations)
Series 24: 1980-5 (Forbids Use and Sale of Leghold Traps)
Series 25: 1980-7 (Regulates Nuclear Plant Licensing and Waste Approval)
Series 26: 1982-4 (Permits Self-Service Dispensing of Motor Vehicle Fuel at Retail)
Series 27: 1982-5 (People of Oregon Urge Mutual Freeze on Nuclear Weapons Development)
Series 28: 1982-6 (Ends State’s Land Use Planning Powers, Retains Local Planning)
Series 29: 1984-3 (Creation of Citizens’ Utility Board)
Series 30: 1984-4 (Establishes State Lottery)
Series 31: 1984-5 (Regulates State Lottery Operations)
Series 32: 1984-6 (Allows for Constitutional Compliance of Death Penalty)
Series 33: 1984-7 (Requires Death Penalty for Aggravated Murder)
Series 34: 1984-9 (Adds Requirements for Disposing Wastes Containing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Isotopes)
Series 35: 1986-5 (Legalizes Private Possession and Growing of Marijuana for Personal Use)
Series 36: 1986-6 (Prohibits State Funding of Abortion Procedures)
Series 37: 1986-10 (Revises Criminal Code Concerning Sentencing, Victims’ Rights, Evidence, & Parole)
Series 38: 1986-13 (Constitutional Amendment: Twenty Day Pre-election Voter Registration Cutoff)
Series 39: 1986-14 (Prohibits Nuclear Power Plant Operation Until Permanent Waste Site Licensed)
Series 40: 1986-15 (Supersedes “Radioactive Waste” Definition; Changes Energy Facility Payment Procedure)
Series 41: 1986-16 (Phases Out Nuclear Weapons Manufactured With Tax Credits, Civil Penalty)
Series 42: 1988-4 (Requires Full Sentences Without Parole, Probation for Certain Repeat Felonies)
Series 43: 1988-7 (Expands Scenic Waterways Bill—Includes New Designations), 1987-1989
Series 44: 1988-8 (Repeals Executive Order Banning Sexual Discrimination in State Executive Branch), 1988-1992
Series 45: 1990-4 (Prohibits Trojan Operation Until Nuclear Waste, Cost, Earthquake Standards).              See also Series 50: 1992-5/6
Series 46: 1990-5 (Limit on Property Taxes for Schools and Government Operations), 1987-1997, undated
Series 47: 1990-9 (Requires the use of Safety Belts)
Series 48: 1990-11 (Creates Tax Credit for Education Outside Public Schools)
Series 49: 1992-4 (Bans Operation of Triple Truck-Trailer Combinations on Oregon Highways), 1991-1999
Series 50: 1992-5/6 (Closes Trojan Plant Until Nuclear Waste, Cost, Earthquake, Health Conditions Met)/(Bans Trojan Power Operation Unless Earthquake, Waste Storage Conditions Met).  See also Series 45: 1990-4., 1992-1997
Series 51: 1992-7 (Raises Tax Limit on Certain Property; Residential Renters' Tax Relief)
Series 52: 1992-8 (Columbia River Fishing—Gillnetting Prohibition)
Series 53: 1992-9 (Government Cannot Facilitate, Must Discourage Homosexuality, Other “Behaviors”)
Series 54: 1994-7 (Guarantees Equal Protection: Lists Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination)
Series 55: 1994-9 (Regulates Campaign Financing)
Series 56: 1994-11 (Requires Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Specific Felonies, covers 15 years and up), 2006
Series 57: 1994-14 (Regulates Chemical Process Mining)
Series 58: 1994-15 (Requires Mandatory Funding for Schools and Community Colleges)
Series 59: 1994-16 (Allows Terminally Ill Adults to Obtain Prescription for Lethal Drugs).  See also Series 70: 1997-51.
Series 60: 1994-18 (Bans Hunting Bears with Bait and Hunting Bears or Cougars with Dogs)
Series 61: 1996-34 (Limits Wildlife Management Exclusively to Commission; Repeals 1994’s Measure 18)
Series 62: 1996-36 (Increases Minimum Hourly Wage to $6.50 Over Three Years)
Series 63: 1996-37 (Broadens Types of Beverage Containers Requiring Deposit and Refund Value)
Series 64: 1996-38 (Prohibits Livestock in Certain Polluted Waters or on Adjacent Lands)
Series 65: 1996-39 (Government, Private Entities Cannot Discriminate Among Health Care Provider Categories)
Series 66: 1996-40 (Gives Crime Victims Rights, Expands Admissible Evidence, and Limits Pretrial Release)
Series 67: 1996-42 (Mandatory Testing for Public School Students)
Series 68: 1996-44 (Adds Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes; Changes Tax Revenue Distribution)
Series 69: 1996-47 (Reduces and Limits Property Taxes; Limits Local Revenues and Replacement Fees)
Series 70: 1997-51 (Legislative Referral: Repeals 1994’s Measure 16)
Series 71: 1998-58 (Requires Issuing Copy of Original Oregon Birth Certificate to Adoptees)
Series 72: 1998-59 (Prohibits Using Public Resources to Collect Money for Political Purposes), 1998, 2008
Series 73: 1998-60 (Requires Vote By Mail in Biennial Primary, General Elections), 1997-2001
Series 74: 1998-62 (Requires Campaign Finance Disclosures; Regulates Signature Gathering; Guarantees Contribution Methods)
Series 75: 1998-63 (Measures Proposing Supermajority Voting Requirements Require Same Supermajority for Passage)
Series 76: 1998-64 (Prohibits Many Present Timber Harvest Practices; Imposes More Restrictive Regulations)
Series 77: 1998-66 (Allocates Lottery Money for Parks & Salmon)
Series 78: 1998-67 (Allows Medical Use of Marijuana Within Limits; Establishes Permit System), 1998
Series 79: 2000-1 (Legislature Must Fund School Quality Goals Adequately; Report; Establish Grants)
Series 80: 2000-3 (Requires Conviction Before Forfeiture; Restricts Proceeds Usage; Requires Reporting, Penalty)
Series 81: 2000-4 (Dedicates Tobacco-Settlement Proceeds; Earnings Fund Low-Income Health Care)
Series 82: 2000-5 (Expands Circumstances Requiring Background Checks Before Transfer of Firearm)
Series 83: 2000-6 (Provides Public Funding to Candidates Who Limit Spending, Private Contributions)
Series 84: 2000-7 (Requires Payment to Landowner if Government Regulation Reduces Property Value)
Series 85: 2000-9 (Prohibits Public School Instruction Encouraging, Promoting, Sanctioning Homosexual, Bisexual Behaviors. would have prohibited "encouragement" of homosexuality).
Series 86: 2000-83 (Authorizes New Standards, Priorities For Veterans' Loans; Expands Qualified Recipients).
Series 87: 2000-84 (State Must Continue Paying Local Governments For State—Mandated Programs).
Series 88: 2000-90 (Authorizes Rates Giving Utilities Return On Investments in Retired Property)
Series 89: 2000-94 (Repeals 1994’s Measure 11; Requires Resentencing). See also Series 56: 1994-11.
Series 90: 2000-95 (Student Learning Determines Teacher Pay; Qualifications, Not Seniority, Determine Retention)
Series 91: 2000-96 (Prohibits Making Initiative Process Harder, Except Through Initiative; Applies Retroactively)
Series 92: 2000-97 (Bans Body Gripping Animal Traps and Some Poisons; Restricts Fur Commerce), 1999-2005
Series 93: 2000-99 (Creates Commission Ensuring Quality Home Care Services for Elderly, Disabled)
Series 94: 2002-21 (Revises Procedure for Filling Judicial Vacancies, Electing Judges; Allows Vote for “None of the Above”)
Series 95: 2002-22 (Requires Supreme Court Judges and Court of Appeals Judges to be Elected by District)
Series 96: 2002-23 (Creates Health Care Finance Plan for Medically Necessary Services; Creates Additional Income, Payroll Taxes)
Series 97: 2002-24 (Allows Licensed Denturists to Install Partial Dentures; Authorizes Cooperative Dentist- Denturist Business Ventures)
Series 98: 2002-25 (Increases Minimum Wage to $6.90 in 2003; Increases for Inflation in Future Years)
Series 99: 2002-26 (Prohibits Payment, Receipt of Payment Based on the Number of Initiative, Referendum Petition Signatures Obtained)
Series 100: 2002-27 (Requires Genetically Modified Foods Sold in Oregon to be Labeled)
Series 101: 2004-33 (Amends Medical Marijuana Act: Requires Marijuana Dispensaries for Supplying Patients/Caregivers; Raises Patients’ Possession Limit)
Series 102: 2004-34 (Requires Balancing Timber Production and Resource Conservation/Preservation on Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests)
Series 103: 2004-35 (Amends Constitution: Limits Noneconomic Damages (Defined) Recoverable for Patient Injuries Caused by Healthcare Provider’s Negligence or Recklessness)
Series 104: 2004-36 (Amends Constitution: Only Marriage Between One Man and One Woman is Valid or Legally Recognized as Marriage)
Series 105: 2004-37 (Requires Govt. to Pay Owners or Forgo Enforcement When Land Use Restrictions Lower Property Values)
Series 106: 2004-38 (Abolishes SAIF; State Must Reinsure, Satisfy SAIF’s Obligations; Dedicates Proceeds, Potential Surplus to Public Purposes)
Series 107: 2006-39 (Prohibits Public Body from Condemning Private Real Property if Intends to Convey to Private Party)
Series 108: 2006-40 (Amends Constitution: Requires Oregon Supreme Court Judges and Court of Appeals Judges to be Elected by District)
Series 109: 2006-41 (Allows Income Tax Deduction Equal to Federal Exemptions Deduction to Substitute for State Exemption Credit)
Series 110: 2006-43 (Requires 48-hour Notice to Unemancipated Minor’s Parent Before Providing Abortion; Authorizes Lawsuits, Physician Discipline)
Series 111: 2006-44 (Allows Any Oregon Resident Without Prescription Drug Coverage to Participate in Oregon Prescription Drug Program)
Series 112: 2006-46 (Amends Constitution: Allows Laws Regulating Election Contributions, Expenditures Adopted by Initiative or ¾ of Both Legislative Houses). Measure 46-47 presented as single package to voters.
Series 113: 2006-47 (Revises Campaign Finance Laws: Limits or Prohibits Contributions and Expenditures; Adds Disclosure, New Reporting Requirements, detailed specific limitations). Measure 46-47 presented as single package to voters.
Series 114: 2006-48 (Amends Constitution: Limits Biennial Percentage Increase in State Spending to Percentage Increase in State Population Plus Inflation)
Series 115: 2007-49 (Modifies Measure 37; clarifies right to build homes; limits large developments; protects farms, forest, groundwater)
Series 116: 2007-50 (Dedicates funds to provide healthcare for children, fund tobacco prevention, through increased tobacco tax)
Series 117: 2008 (Ballot Measures -Miscellaneous)
Series 118: Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) : Includes Measures 1988-8 (Revokes Ban on Sexual Orientation Discrimination in State Executive Branch), 1992-9 (Government Cannot Facilitate, Must Discourage Homosexuality, Other "Behaviors"), 1994-13 (Governments Cannot Approve and/or Create Classifications Based on Homosexuality), 2000-9 (Prohibits Public School Instruction Encouraging, Promoting, Sanctioning Homosexual, Bisexual Behaviors. would have prohibited "encouragement" of homosexuality by public schools), 2004-36 (Only Marriage Between One Man and One Woman is Valid or Legally Recognized as Marriage).
Oversized Box 1: See Series 15: 1974-15 (Commercial Steelhead Fishing Prohibition).
Oversized Box 2: See Series 70: 1997-51 (Legislative Referral: Repeal's 1994's Measure 16).
Oversized Box 3: See Series 100: 2002-27 (Requires Genetically Modified Foods Sold in Oregon to be Labeled).
Oversized Box 4: Ballot Measure - Miscellaneous
Oversized Box 5: Ballot Measures - Series 85: Posters and Banners
Oversized Box 6: Ballot Measures - Miscellaneous Posters and Banners

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